Packing Instructions

A packing slip should be packed in each box/bag. The following information should be included if you use your own computer-generated or preprinted packing slip:

Packing Slips are available from Quality Laboratory Service. If you are using Quality Laboratory Service’s Online Service, the packing slip is printed automatically. If you are using a Quality Laboratory Service courier, the courier will complete the packing slip for you. To prevent damage and insure specimen stability, samples should be packed for shipping as follows:

  • Place all samples for a single patient in an individual plastic specimen bag. Plastic specimen bags are available from Quality Laboratory Service.
  • Fold requisition in half and insert the requisition in the plastic bag so that the patient’s name is displayed.
  • Use a plastic transport tube whenever possible. If a glass tube is necessary, pack in a Styrofoam tube holder and place Styrofoam holder in a plastic bag. Styrofoam tube holders are available from Quality Laboratory Service
  • If a test requires multiple samples at different temperatures (for example: one frozen sample and one sample at room temperature), write “Duplicate Requisition” on each Test Requisition Form. Place a copy of the requisition with each sample.
  • Pack a copy of the Packing Slip inside the box.

All questions about packing or shipment instructions please call to Quality Laboratory Service by 718-646-5100