Testing Policies

Parallel Testing
All sera of sufficient volume are stored frozen at Quality Laboratory Service for 4 weeks and are available as needed for parallel testing. To comply with requests to parallel test acute, previously submitted and convalescent specimens, a Quality Laboratory Service accession number of the specimen should be provided on the Quality Laboratory Service's Test Requisition Form accompanying the convalescent specimen.
When submitting two samples simultaneously for parallel testing, submit a single Test Requisition Form. Give the paired testing code ( Quality Laboratory Service's test code followed by a ’P’). Indicate pre/acute and post/convalescent dates on specimen and on Test Requisition Form. When samples are submitted on separate Test Requisition Forms, they will be run as individual samples (not tested in parallel).

Parallel testing under identical testing conditions is the only way to ensure an accurate comparison of acute and convalescent concentrations of many antibodies. To encourage parallel testing, Quality Laboratory Service will reduce the cost for retesting the acute specimen when it is simultaneously tested with the convalescent specimen.

Insufficient Volume
Quality Laboratory Service requests that you submit the recommended volume whenever possible, as listed in the ’Specimen Requirement’ column of the Alphabetical Test Listing. The volumes listed in parentheses are absolute minimum volumes. When the minimum volume is submitted, we will do our best to perform requested assays. Please keep in mind that minimum-volume specimens will probably not be available for parallel testing with follow-up specimen(s). If insufficient volume is submitted, we will contact you to request additional specimen. If additional specimen is not available:

Orders for Single Tests
The test entry will be deleted and your account will be credited.

Orders for Profiles
The portion of the Profile not performed will be reported as ’QNS’ (quantity not sufficient), the rest will be performed and no credit will be given.

Safety & Confidentiality Precautions

Repeat Testing
If there are any questions about the validity of a result with respect to clinical findings, Quality Laboratory Service will be happy to repeat the assay at no additional charge. Please contact Client Services, 718-646-5100.

Quality Laboratory Service's medical and scientific staff are available daily for reviewing case reports and interpretation of laboratory test results, 718-646-5100.

HIV Testing
When submitting specimens for HIV testing, Quality Laboratory Service recommends that the patient be identified by an identification number on the Quality Laboratory Service's Test Requisition Form and on the specimen container. Patient results will be reported using the identification (number, name or code) that the client has entered on the Quality Laboratory Service's Test Requisition Form.

To ensure confidentiality of patient information, no results for HIV tests can be released by telephone. Results will be transmitted only by sealed envelope to the client who submitted the specimen.

Note: Please refer to the state confidentiality laws, which vary from state to state to be sure you are in compliance before including the patient's full name on the Quality Laboratory Service's Test Requisition Form.

Patient Questions
New York state Law prevents us from discussing laboratory results with patients.