1121 ANA reflex to Profile

Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) IFA/IMAGE  < 7.5  IU/mL 
ANA Pattern IFA  By Report   
dsDNA Autoantibodies Farr RBA  < 5.0  IU/mL 
nRNP/Sm IgG Autoantibodies EIA/LIA  < 5.0  Units 
Sm (Smith) IgG Autoantibodies EIA/LIA  < 5.0  Units 
Scl-70 IgG Autoantibodies EIA/LIA  < 5.0  Units 
SS-A IgG Autoantibodies EIA/LIA  < 5.0  Units 
SS-B IgG Autoantibodies EIA/LIA  < 5.0  Units 
C4 Complement TURB  16 - 70  mg/dL 
C3 Complement TURB  82 - 235  mg/dL 
Rheumatoid Factor TURB  < 60  IU/mL 

Specimen Requirements
1 Serum 4 (2) mL   Ambient - 48 Hour(s), Refrigerated - 7 Day(s), Frozen - 2 Month(s)  

Clinical utility
Screening test for the detection of antibodies to nuclear antigens. Over 96% of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) have values above 7.5 IU/mL. Less than 3-4% of healthy patients display ANA concentrations of 7.5 IU/mL or higher. For specific antibodies associated with SLE and other autoimmune diseases, Specialty offers ANALyzer without ANA (#1005).

Collection Instruction
Lipemic, and moderately or grossly icteric and hemolyzed samples
are not suitable for analysis.

Reported: Same day

CPT Code: 86038

Notes: If positive, reflex testing of C3 and C4 Complement, dsDNA Autoantibodies, Rheumatoid Factor IgM Autoantibodies, Scl-70 IgG Autoantibodies, Sm(Smith) IgG Autoantibodies, SS-A IgG Autoantibodies, SS-B IgG Autoantibodies, and U1 RNP/snRNP IgG Autoantibodies will be performed. An additional fee will be charged for the reflex testing. See ANAlyzer, #1000 for CPT codes to add.