1390 Abacavir GenotypR™ (Ziagen®)(HLA-B*57)

Specimen Requirements
1 Whole Blood EDTA 5 (3) mL   Ambient - 7 Day(s), Refrigerated - 7 Day(s) See COLLECTION INSTRUCTIONS. 

Clinical utility
HLA-B*5701 is present in 78% of Caucasian patients with abacavir hypersensitivity and in 2% abacavir-tolerant patients. Abacavir is a commonly used nucleoside analogue with potent antiviral activity against HIV-1. About 5% (range 0-14%) of Caucasian patients treated with abacavir develop a hypersensitivity reaction characterized by fever, rash gastrointestinal symptoms and lethargy or malaise within 6 weeks of treatment. These symptoms remit when the drug is discontinued and worsen with re-exposure. Exclusion of HLA-B*5701 positive individuals from abacavir treatment would largely prevent abacavir hypersensitivity.

Collection Instruction
ACD and Heparin are not acceptable. Do not freeze. Refrigerated whole
blood specimens are also acceptable but not preferred.

Reported: 5-12 days

CPT Code: 83891, 83894x2, 83896x60, 83900, 83901x2, 83909, 83912

Notes: CPT Codes: 83891, 83894x2, 83896x60, 83900, 83901x2, 83909, 83912 This test is not available to NY patients until further notice.