5862 Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) by FISH

Specimen Requirements
1 Bone Marrow Heparinized 3 (1) mL   Ambient - 72 Hour(s) Do not refrigerate or freeze. Ship within 24hrs of collection by overnight courier. 
  Whole Blood Heparin 5 (3) mL   Ambient - 72 Hour(s)  

Clinical utility
Used in conjunction with standard Cytogenetics for diagnosis of CML. Used to monitor Ph+ CML or PH+ ALL following chemotherapy or BMT. Test is used to confirm BCR/ABL fusion in Philadelphia chromosome-negative CML; it includes 9q34 probe to identify deletions of prognostic importance.

Collection Instruction
This test requires SODIUM HEPARINIZED specimens. Lithium
heparinized specimens are not acceptable. Do not refrigerate or
freeze. Ship by overnight courier.

Reported: 5 days

CPT Code: 88271x3, 88275, 88291

Notes: CPT Codes: 88271x3, 88275, 88291